How Do I Love Thy Zodiac Signs

Alrightly then–It is getting nearer and in the direction of that day of the year when anyone has lovable chocolates in ornamental cardboard bins and big purple hearts on their thoughts. As an Astrologer, prone to love, romance, and whatever that has to do with chocolate, its tough for me no longer to think about how all the 12 zodiac signs might enjoy notions of love at Valentines Day. So just for amusing, here is a short run via all twelve Sun Signs.


The Aries sun sign man or woman is always geared up, willing, and capable of fall in love.

The Taurus sun sign character is in no way willing to share their sweets.

The Gemini sun sign man or woman commonly may additionally have several valentines to buy.

The Cancer sun signal individual prepares for this unique day in advance so it is filled with playing cards, a home made dinner, a movie, and a massive container of chocolate.

The Leo solar sign man or woman waits intentionally for this present day with a view to make a massive valentines splash with massive ticket items.

The Virgo sun sign person is the only sign of the zodiac in an effort to can help you get away with missing valentines day–however normally continues the rain check weekend unfastened.

The Libra sun sign character will very commonly get the whole thing they want.

Th Scorpio sun signal individual needs the kind of items they can’t display to their mother.

The Sagittarius solar signal person loves 12 astrology zodiac signs dates, meanings and compatibility to make plans to spend Valentines day somewhere far and away.

The Capricorn solar sign man or woman is the most effective sign of the zodiac that doesn’t have to shop for every person something–motive they know that just their presence to your existence say everything.

The Aquarius solar signal character buys gourmet goodies so that it will rotate monthly off the internet.

The Pisces sun signal character will go away love notes to be able to find on your wallet, glove compartment, and desk draw. They are prepping you for the huge swoop later in the evening.

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